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Dog  Training!

This summer I got a dog that had lived it’s life chained to a tree. I was under the mistaken belief that I could train her myself....then I found Nichole and Heidi was magically transformed into a well trained, very happy dog! She has 100% recall which I never dreamed would happen, door etiquette, can be off leash, in addition to all the basics. I can’t recommend her enough!!!

                       - Maggie Zelasco

                                   Dayton, OH. 

Lessons scheduled daily

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CrazyDogs is opening up a new HOMESCHOOLING Program on a very limited basis! Your dog will be given one on one time with our trainer, Learning all the basic commands to become the best family member possible.


Program is 4 weeks 

Email for pricing and eligibility.

Private Lessons
One on one training lessons.
With possible topics such as:
  • Sit, Down and Stay
  • Loose leash walking or Heel
  • To come when called
  • Polite greeting
  • Treadmill Training
  • Problem Solving
  • And more!!!
Email  for your Consultation.
Single one hour lessons, 4 and 6 week Packages available!


Private Lessons are held at Mance Buchanon Park in oceanside or in your home.

By appointment only please email sdcrazydogs@gmail.com or

call/text (714) 313-7002

Group Classes

Basic Obedience

The ONLY group training class on Camp Pendleton! In this 6 week class we cover the three foundation behaviors to help owners solve the biggest issues! 

  1. Place command: also known as " go to your bed" helps calm over active dogs, jumping on guest as they enter the house, and begging at the table! 

  2. Recall: getting your dog to come to the first time you call them, every time you call them!

  3. Loose Leash Walking: you will learn several different ways to help combat leash pulling!

Next Session starts June 2nd at the open grass area near Deluz Housing office. 

Advanced Obedience 

Builds on the skills acquired in our basic class, while adding to the difficulty.

The class is 4 weeks, we work on the skill level of the individual giving everyone the opportunity to be successful!

Urban Obedience

A different kind of advanced obedience! Class meets in several locations around San Diego county concentrating on helping your pup with public interactions.

Class is 4 weeks

Must have taken basic obedience or 4 weeks of private lessons

Must be willing to travel 

By appointment only please email sdcrazydogs@gmail.com or

call/text (714)313-7002

Reactive Dog Program

Using proven management techniques to give you and your dog the freedom you have always wanted.  Focusing on obedience and impulse control. 

This 8 week program, consist of 4 weeks of private lessons and admission to our exclusive 4 week reactive dog class, were you can practice the skills you have learned in your private lessons in a controlled environment.

By appointment only please email sdcrazydogs@gmail.com or

call/text (714)313-7002

E-Collar Training

For those that have already taken at least our basic manners course and are looking to get a little more out of their dog. Working with a professional every step of the way, and your dog learns faster (and happier!) than ever before!

By appointment only please email sdcrazydogs@gmail.com or

call/text (714)313-7002

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